LVRG : Subscription Status Guide

LVRG : Subscription Status Guide

This guide details each status, explains when it is applied and what it represents.

Active Subscription Status

After the initial payment for a subscription has been processed (if any payment is required), it will be transitioned to the Active status.

On-Hold Subscription Status

A subscription is placed On-Hold when an associated order is awaiting payment, or it has been manually suspended by the store owner or customer.

Pending-Cancellation Subscription Status

When a subscription is manually cancelled by the customer, its status is not usually transitioned to Cancelled immediately. If the subscription has a pre-paid term that has not been provided yet, the subscription will be assigned the Pending Cancellation status.

During this time, the user associated with the subscription will continue to have access to all of their paid services.

When the pre-paid term ends, the subscription’s status will be transitioned to Cancelled.

Cancelled Subscription Status

The Cancelled status is assigned to subscriptions with the Pending Cancellation status when they reach the end of their pre-paid term.